Happy BirthDay

Today is the BirthDay of this Blog. My name is Christina. I am Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Lover, Chef, Gardener, First time Author, Artist, Freed up and Transformed Woman, and still have room to grow. Awesome!
I started writing a book 2 1/2 years ago about Adoption and Reunion. I also started a journey of transformation in January of 2005, a year before I started writing. In October of 2004 I was reunited with the daughter I surrendered to Adoption in 1967. Some said "This is a happy ending". I knew right away that it was only the beginning. An opening of Pandora's Box. 4 years later, my life is transformed.
I have written a book about Adoption and Reunion, Transformation and Deep Human Understanding. When I first started writing it was so about me. My only reference. As I wrote and researched I began to awaken to the global community of Women whose stories were like mine, change a few details, the outcome so similar and parallel. I got that I had been a victim of the "Era of Mass Surrender".
I began to find my voice. I began to understand that our Son's and Daughters deserve our love and support and our teaching them to honor themselves and their future families.
Life is precious. We cannot squander it in antiquated, backwards attitudes where life is sacrificed for face or greed.
I am comitted to raising awareness on adoption issues, creating impact on a global level, and ultimately bringing people together. This is my purpose.
Jeanneshouse1 is dedicated to supporting mothers, with love and honor, to keep their families together.
My book, "My Daughter is Wearing My Pants" will be published in early 2009.
I am interviewing those whose lives have been impacted by adoption for this book. If anyone reading this blog is interested in sharing for this book, you can contact me at

I believe in Miracles!